Our Mission:

To help young soccer players increase their love and enjoyment of the game by offering a fun and exciting challenge that, by completing, will naturally increase their juggling score and overall skill.

Our Vision:

To dramatically raise the level of youth soccer in North America by teaching kids how to juggle and helping them reach the crucial "25 juggles" level.

The "25 Juggles" Level

Most juggling programs fail our kids because they typically set the standards too high, starting the first bar out at 10 - 25 juggles. Now 10 juggles doesn't seem like that big a deal, right?

But to a young player, it's light-years away. In fact, if you ask most young players, those who can barely get 3 or 4 juggles, if they they'll ever get to 10, you'll get a lot of negative responses.


Because they're kids. And all those lessons we as adults have learned about perseverance, and determination, and seeing it through, well...these kids haven't learned them yet. So an idea of getting to 10, which typically means they'll have to triple their highest score ever, becomes incredibly unrealistic.

Therefore, what we've done at JuggleScores.com is to provide a simple pathway to 25. Starting with 2, we slowly increases the mark toward 25 without creating too much of a stretch that the child ends up getting frustrated and quitting.

Why 25?

This 25 Juggle mark is so important because at this stage several important things begin to happen.

  1. A player begins to form SELF-CONFIDENCE in their ability to learn

    Remember that frustrated child who could barely get to 3 or 4 juggles? Well, now they have some confidence. They can start to understand a little bit about perseverance, and can begin to trust the learning process; that effort, focus & and diligence can lead to improvement.

  2. A player has increased their level of soccer SKILL & TOUCH

    Touch on the ball is THE most important skill a player can develop. Soccer is a very unique sport in that a player can dramatically improve their ability by simply juggling a ball (and it doesn't have to be a soccer ball either!). By developing the ability to juggling to 25, a young player will have naturally developed more skill in other areas of the game, such as passing, receiving, and dribbling.

  3. A player gains a greater UNDERSTANDING of the game

    Remember back when we were just learning to read and write? At first, we focused on letters, then words. Then, as we progressed, we learned to read and write sentences, paragraphs, and on and on, up to term-papers and project reports. None of which were possible, if we didn't take the time to learn the alphabet.

    Soccer development is a lot like this. Players first need to learn the basic skill of controlling the ball before moving ahead into more advanced areas of the game. Skill allows players to move into a deeper understanding of the game, just as learning letters & words allows for the understanding of sentences & paragraphs.

Those are just three of the many great benefits the come with learning to juggle. For more information we have a full list of the benefits of juggling that you can read through.


If you ever have any feedback at how we can make this project more beneficial to young players, please let us know by using this contact form here.

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