How It Works

JugglesScores.com is a site designed specifically to help young soccer students increase their skill and touch on the ball by learning how to juggle.

Players practice juggling a set of patterns. Once they are capable of completing all patterns in the set, they can test to earn that level's star.

Modeled after the Martial Arts system of sequential colored belts, kids advance through more difficult levels of juggling patterns and tests to earn different colored stars, from white to black. Each level or color brings the player to a higher juggling record, finishing with the Black Star at 25 juggles.

Hall Of Fame

Once you complete all Juggle Star levels and earn your Black Juggling Star, you will be automatically inducted to the Juggle Scores Hall of Fame, where your name will be recognized as a Black Star Juggler! See if you can take the challenge and earn your Black Juggling Star in 100 days!

Example Juggling Patterns

This is an example of juggling practice patterns taken from our Yellow Star level.


A player practices these patterns, and when they complete them, they check them off. Checking off all the patterns will unlock the test for that level.

Testing For Your Star Level

After completing all the juggling patterns for the level, the player will then be allowed to earn their next Juggling Star by testing. A test is simply a new set of juggling patterns that a player must master. Each level of patterns and tests are geared toward helping advance in their juggling score.

The following chart illustrates each star level with a juggling score.


  2 Juggles


  3 Juggles


  4 Juggles


  5 Juggles


  7 Juggles


  10 Juggles


  15 Juggles


  20 Juggles


  25 Juggles

Honor System

Testing for your next star is 100% on the honor system. There are no teachers or coaches looking over your shoulder; making sure you actually perform the pattern.

Instead, the proof will be in the pudding. If you pass the Purple Star test, for instance, you should be able to juggling to "10" no problem.

Why is juggling important?

Soccer is a unique sport in that it one can significantly develop their game through individualized skills and activities. While more advanced and expensive soccer training equipment may provide extra benefit, it is certainly still the case that a ball is truly all one needs.

Juggling helps players to develop a good touch on the ball. The touch can be applied to wide variety of different soccer skills including, receiving, volley, passing, dribbling, and shooting.

Imagine, an increase in all those areas just through one single activity!

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